Meet the people behind MCK9's

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Morningstar's Clever K9's is a family affair. Windi, Billy and Will are owned by 8 dogs (Wick, Star, Fig, Singe, Crush, Freedom, Vamp & Biggie) and 1 cat (Chili).

Windi trains the dogs and has been competing with a variety of sizes and breeds for over 10 years in agility, flyball, herding and dock diving. Her dogs are titled in all those sports, and two dogs were certified therapy dogs with Therapy Dogs International (one has since passed away and one is retired). She has worked with animals her entire life and they are her passion, which has all been passed down from her late grandmother Mary Ann Morningstar Morris, a true pioneer for the welfare of animals.  Windi works as a lab tech at Riverwalk Animal Hospital ( and also runs Morningstar Animal Rescue & Referral, Inc. ( 

Billy is the upkeeper of the agility field and the builder of the agility equipment and the strength & conditioning equipment.

Will helps take care of the rescue dogs, loads the flyball boxes and helps with training the dogs when he isn't playing sports or studying. He competed with our little Border Collie Fli in agility and dock diving until sports took over.

We have a large family, most of them with alot of fur, but we wouldn't have it any other way.
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