ADCH MSTAR Crush (Crush) -
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Crush is our daughter out of Fig and Alba Lucas. She is a uniquely colored and marked smooth coat Border Collie with a big personality. She loves balancing and jumping up on anything. She is super confident like her mom and is competing in agility and flyball. She competed at CanAm (flyball nationals) October 2012 on the fly as she had to fill in for an injured dog, and wow, did she step up to the plate! We are delighted with her start in flyball and agility. She made her USDAA agility debut in November 2012 and obtained her ADCH (Agility Dog Champion) title in April of 2013 at the tender age of 2 years and 2 weeks.  Crush also modeled in a Ralph Lauren photo shoot for the Spring wear collection. She not only modeled by herself but worked with a very nice and handsome male model named Nate Owens (one of the shots was featured in a Belk and Kohl's flyer). We also discovered that she loves lure coursing! Crush is our "do everything" girl, tough but very sweet and loving. Crush retired from agility so that she could focus on flyball. We also discovered she loves barn hunt and we can't wait to compete in that venue.

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