Morningstar's Little Red Fanger (Vamp) - APD SPJ APK BID

Vamp is our rescue Jack Russell Terrier. She is wild, fast, full of life, into everything, just trouble, trouble, trouble and we love it!  Vamp's right femoral head is not developed properly thus she has a bad hip and a short leg on the right side. It does not slow her down but sometimes makes her move a little differently. She's been evaluated by the specialist and we have decided not to do surgery at this time as we're not really sure it will help.  She has started to compete in agility and is very fast. Once we harness all that energy, we will have another superstar on our hands. She has taken to dock diving like a fish to water and we can't wait to start competing. Vamp also had the opportunity to be in a Ralph Lauren photo shoot. She worked with a female model wearing pink polka dotted pj's. Vamp is a daddy's girl and also a wonderful bed snuggler. We love our special girl!

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