Here's what's new at MCK9s!

Saturday, October 10th

Agility Run Thru's, Doggie Yard Sale and $10 nail trims

Time to be announced

Come and browse the dog related items for sale or set up your own booth (bring your own table)

Run thru's are $10 per person, unlimited dogs and unlimited runs, two nested courses

Nail trims $10 per dog

Let us know if you're planning to come so we can contact you incase of inclement weather


Sunday, October 11th

Flyball Fun Day - come see what flyball is all about, watch the On Your Bark team practice and take a lesson with them – cost is $20 (morning, then lunch afterwards at El Ranchito).

Dudley Fontaine Agility Seminar

November 6-8, 2015

Puppy, Starters, Open and Masters

Limited working spots available, unlimited auditors

Melanie Miller Agility Seminar

Scheduled for May 2015




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